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The FDA advises we all should eat more oatmeal and our Oatcakes
make it easy to get yours in a grab-one-and-go format. No wating for
the water to boil or dishes in the sink when you get home. Happiness.


Fresh out of the oven

Handcrafted in the highlands of the Shenandoah

McWhirters Scottish Oatcakes

McWhirter's Scottish Oatcakes have a high ratio of oatmeal to sugar, with just 2-5 grams of
sugar per ounce. With their slow release of energy they are great for travel, kids after school
snack, college students, athletes, or for anyone as a quick, delicious breakfast with a favorite
morning beverage. Great for students, commuters and office meetings!
We add no preservatives other than those provided by the ingredient suppliers that are
designed to keep things fresh. Oatmeal is the #1 ingredient and it is what gives the slow
release of energy so prized in our Oatcakes.

McWhirters Scottish Oatcakes

mcwhirters scottish oatcakes

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