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McWhirter’s Scottish Oatcakes are all natural, with just 2-5 grams of sugar per ounce, and have plenty of fiber. It’s the perfect out-the-door-in-the-morning food for kids, commuters, busy homemakers — anyone, anytime the need for a sustaining source of energy arises.

The traditional Scottish Oatcake can be traced back to Scotland in the 1300’s. Oats are hardy and one of the few grains that can withstand the harsh weather of the Scottish Highlands.

Clansmen on the move would carry a bag of oats with them, and using their shield or shovel as a skillet, cooked their mixture of ground oats and water over an open fire, making the early oatcake a staple.

Handcrafted in the Highlands of the Shenandoah, McWhirter’s Scottish Oatcakes are not quite so rustic, having a touch of sweetness and different flavors to entice. Try our Traditional Oatcakes for an interesting accompaniment to a cheese plate, or have them with jam or honey. Yum!

Our delicious Oatcakes can be found at these local outlets:
Sperryville Corner Store, 3710 Sperryville Pike, Sperryville, VA
Massanutten Country Store, 3546 US Hwy 211 West, Luray, VA
The Village Green, 6902 Leeds Manor Rd., Orlean, VA